When will our new space shuttle be complete?

The United States space program doesn’t currently have any space shuttles because the old shuttles were retired around July of 2011 after 30 years of use during NASA’s 30 year long Space Program.  You might want to know when the new shuttles going to be complete.  I have done the research and have completed this blog post to share my findings.


Quick facts:

  • The final shuttle mission was completed with the landing of Atlantis on July 21, 2011
  • On July 21, 2011 the 30-year old Space Shuttle program as we knew it closed.
  • NASA isn’t done with Space Exploration.
  • NASA is working on its new shuttle program.
  • Currently our Astronauts have to hitch rides from other countries Shuttle (Russia) to get to the International Space Station.
  • Boeing and SpaceX are currently under contract with the United States and NASA to build our new era Space Shuttles.

With that being said research has concluded as long as the United States Congress does not cut funding to the program then we will no longer need to rely on Russia for rides to the ISS, the new Shuttle will be completed and operational by 2017.  In the meantime, US-Russia collaboration on the space front will continue.

Estimated by 2017 the United States will once again have our own Independent Space Shuttle Program with our own Shuttles once again.





Massive monuments leave experts baffled – Smooth-Sided figures cause water to form a giant, potentially dangerous vortex.


THE recent discovery of glass pyramids submerged off Florida’s Atlantic coast has scientists debating their origin – and speculating they may be behind the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle!

Using sonar to probe the ocean floor, oceanographers from the United States and France led by Dr. Verlag Meyer located two monstrous pyramid-shaped structures more than a mile below the water’s surface.

Underwater explorers recently surveyed a third geometrically perfect monument that had never been mapped in prior surveying expeditions. Its base measures nearly 1,000 feet across and it stands more than 320 feet from base to tip.

Stunned experts say the new archaeological find is even larger than the ancient pyramids in Egypt!

”We have no idea how they were made or what they were made from, although the surface is smooth and translucent like glass or ice,” says Dr. Paul-Henri Benoit of Oceanography Institute at the University of Bordeaux in France. “We have observed two large holes in the top of the pyramid.

”Water is rushing through the second hole at a very high rate of speed, creating a giant vortex above it. It’s also creating a lot of mist on the surface, which could affect visibility in the area.

”There has been a great deal of speculation at recent conferences that this may have an effect on passing planes and boats – and may answer some of the mystery surrounding dissappearances around the bermuda triangle.”

While some experts state the new pyramid would have to have been built between 10,000 and 6,000 B.C., Dr. Glen Doran, an anthropologist from Florida State University, believes it may be more than 2,000 years older than all other known pyramids.

”There is some suspicion that his pyramid was either a holy center for the lost city of Atlantis or the power plant for an ancient civilization, and that passing vessels may be affected by its energy field, which some refer to as the ‘quantum vacuum,’” adds Miami-based archaeologist Dr. Jane Harmony.

”We don’t have all the answers yer, but with the new technology available, we definitely feel we are closer to finding out.”



A RADIO   signal   from   deep   space has characteristics that scientists say can only mean one thing — it originates from Heaven itself.   


       NASA’s McDougall Observatory, located on the Hawaiian island of aahu, picked up the signal on May 1. A computer analysis first determined that the signal was 90 percent likely to be of intelligent origin, wich was remarkable enough. But it later found the signal could be translated to audio.

“I’ll never forget when we first played the transmission through speakers and heard what it was,” says astronomer Benjamin Newhoff, “None of us on the observatory staff were sure what to expect.

“Would it be a spoken message? Were we about to hear the voice of an extraterrestrial? Instead, we heard something that I can only describe as music, but much, MUCH more beautiful than any music we’d ever heard before.

“Like a million of the most stunningly beautiful voices you could immagine singing in a harmony unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

“But that description doesn’t even do it justice. It seemed to speak directly to our souls, and it filled us with a sense of overwhelming bliss, beyond anything I could hope to describe to you in words.

“The transmission lasted about 10 minutes. When it was over, I felt a bit embarrassed because I found my face was soaked with tears of euphoria. Then, looking around, I saw that everyone else was weeping copiously too!” As the observatory staff discussed what they’d just experienced, they found that they were certain of only one thing — the signal could only have originated from a divine source.

“As scientists, we are supposed to require hard evidence before taking something as fact,” says Dr. Lucille Gherkin, another Mcdougall staffer. “So it’s difficult for me to admit this, but something in that transmission told me — told everyone who heard it — that it was a message from God himself from his abode in Heaven.

“The transmission came from a point near the center of the constellation Sagittarius, from a source about 100 light years beyond the furthest star in that constellation.

“So now I believe we know where Heaven itself is located.”